Defining “Despicable” . . . the New Word De Jour

If you look up “despicable” in the dictionary you will find that it means, “deserving of contempt or scorn; vile, to despise.”

This is the new favorite word the Democrats have stolen from Daffy Duck to describe how they feel about a situation they don’t have all the facts on, but are hoping it ends in the impeachment, imprisonment, banishment, and exile of President Bush.

Ironically, the word “despicable,” is right after the word “desperation,” which is defined as, “the condition of being desperate; recklessness arising from despair.”

That pretty much sums up, in a nutshell, what we have here concerning the Ambassador and the Super Spy Wife case. A super secret spy, so well hidden that everyone now knows her name, what she looks like, and where she lives. And how did we discover that? Well, the very same “journalists” who are aghast that her identity would be compromised could not wait to post her photo and name detailing the harm caused this here-to-fore mystery woman because someone leaked that she might be a spy at the CIA. If they are so concerned about protecting her identity, why do they keep covering the story?

Are we really hearing ourselves on this one? It must be a slow news year if the only definition we can find for the word “despicable” is the fact that everyone within range of a microphone is continuing to perpetrate a crime on this woman that they claim the White House condoned by “leaking” that she was a CIA agent.

No, that’s not really despicable. What is REALLY despicable is forgetting that the “enemy” of the United States is not Bush, as Howard Dean insists.

Despicable is ignoring the horrors committed by a monster like Saddam and insinuating that our President needs a “regime change”, as John Kerry suggested, claiming he is killing our young women and men for oil. Despicable is not realizing that we, as a nation, and Bush as a President, are trying to liberate a country that has uncovered tens of thousands of bodies in mass graves, had torture and rape rooms and had its citizens force-fed into plastic shredding machines . . .alive.

Despicable is claiming the President used his position of authority to grandstand by landing on an aircraft carrier to thank the troops for putting their lives on the line for a cause greater than themselves. Despicable is claiming the Republicans are using the Iraq war for political gain when every single one of the Presidential Wannabes of the Doomacrat party take every opportunity to slam the war, trash the great strides and efforts of the military, and insist that it was a HUGE mistake to go into Iraq, and that we went in under false pretenses. Despicable is Ted Kennedy calling the President dishonest when he couldn’t even find a few minutes to make a phone call to help save a drowning girl.

Despicable is the Clinton White House abusing the use of dozens of FBI files and not serving time in jail like Chuck Colson did for misusing one. Despicable is the IRS harassing every single woman who leveled sexual harassment or rape charges against Bill Clinton.

Despicable is a greedy woman who claims she is for the poor, making millions of dollars while First Lady, then stealing the people’s furniture from the White House.

Despicable is clueing the W key on all the keyboards in the White House, switching and renaming phone lines, and costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix the juvenile antics of a spoiled group of elite brats who never learned to count . . .and recount . . and recount again.

Despicable is an entire party who jumped on the stinking ship of Bill Clinton claiming he was the greatest president we have ever had even though he lied under oath, sexually assaulted women in the oval office, had one “service him” while on the phone to an international leader, and was eventually impeached by a congress that was called despicable for relying on the letter of the law not the whim of an agenda.

Just for fun, let’s trade places and put Bush in Clinton’s place and I dare you to find ONE Democrat who would have voted AGAINST impeachment for Bush.

They would have been climbing all over each other to cast the first vote claiming the people have a right to know, to not be lied to, that justice must be served . . . on and on and on. And guess what, they would be right, and the Republicans would have joined the vote and not only would he have been impeached, he would have been convicted. Remember, it was Newt and Bob Livingston who left voluntarily and didn’t drag their party through the mud like the Clintons did.

Despicable is a party of elite socialists who think they know better, are better, and lead better than the rest of the nation and resent the heck out of the fact that they can’t stretch the already vulcanized constitution to somehow put them in total and complete control over every aspect of our lives . . . forever.

This despicable gottcha game is nothing more than pure desperation by a party that has no ideas, no hope, no vision for the country other than to tax and spend and tell you how to lead your life and scream intolerance and bigotry if you disagree.

So . . . the next time you hear one of them say the word despicable, just imagine a picture of Daffy Duck, have a good laugh, and remember this entire episode of hysterics and campaign drama on election day, and keep electing REAL leaders for the country . . . who are neither despicable . . . nor desperate.