The Liberal’s New Favorite Minority and Victim Class

(but they won’t be for long if they can never vote)

Can’t you just picture Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as little orphan beggars, peering longingly into the warm house filled with people who used to think they were cute and entertaining. But alas, the shine is off their victim status and a new minority group has replaced them in the hearts and minds of the liberals who see only one thing when they touch the hand of the newly “oppressed” illegal immigrants. They see votes.

Yes, votes, lots and lots of votes from the new class of people who have not only broken the law, but can’t even read the law they have broken.

What is most interesting about the unseating of a permanent victim class created by the liberals is the heartless repetition of the act. One hundred and fifty years ago they viewed blacks as only good enough to work our fields, clean our houses, feed our horses (now it is drive our cars), etc., etc. Hillary gave a very complete list of what she expects the new victim class to accept as their role in their new American home which will gladly open the doors for such servitude . . .slavery by any other word . . . in exchange for votes.

That is how the Democrats see all Hispanics. Odd . . .that was how they saw all blacks not that many years ago. Then the light went on and they realized they could capture their affection by promising money that wasn’t theirs, jobs that didn’t exist and homes that were only a poor and cruel reflection of the true American dream. . . . in exchange for votes.

Oh, and let’s not forget our lily-livered Republicans who quiver in fear at the hint of the “R” word. They caved years ago because the Democrats told them to. They said they were racists and the Republicans dutifully accepted that mantel of insult because their spine was surgically removed decades ago by duplicitous bigots who craved power at any cost, leaving well-meaning Republicans pondering their fate over brie and champaign. “But we were the party that freed the slaves, fought for integration and against oppression. We were the party that gave our lives and fortunes to end slavery and overturn Democrat imposed Jim Crow laws. Why are they treating us like this? Oh my, please bring my smelling salts, I do feel faint.”

Heh Republican party . . . wake up and smell the aroma of power and conquest sprinkled with the old herb of socialism and communal group think. You really can’t be this stupid!!

Ok, it’s not about you . .. but you can be so consistently tiresome, so perpetually intimidated, and eternally clueless. Do you really think by playing the pandering game that you can out pander the pandering experts? When you have radio shows playing, back to back, Hillary yelling to staged crowds about her support for illegal immigrants’ right to work, and Hillary saying at another time, in a parallel political universe, “I am adamantly against illegal immigrants. People have to stop employing illegal immigrants,” you must bow in awe. That, my Republican friends is a masterful example of pandering that pits the queen of such against you pitiful wannabes.

But there is one thing that would take the whole immigration issue off the table and thankfully force Ted Kennedy to stop feeling compelled to speak spanish. Tell all the illegal immigrants they can stay … .give them amnesty, etc. etc. . . .but tell them that because they broke the law to get here, they can never vote . . . ever. They would get a sort of permanent residency status, but not full citizenship so they can continue to scrub Hillary’s toilets and work in Ted’s gardens, but they can’t vote for them.

Oh, that’s not fair you say? Well, tell that to America citizens sitting in jail who have broken the law who have lost the right to vote. G. Gordon Liddy can’t vote, but a Mexican who has broken the law, and can’t even speak english can? Just take voting off the table and we will not be forced to watch the embarrassing sloberfest hosted by both political parties. They will be forced to actually think about what is best for the country, not their own political careers. They will be free to be honest about protecting the borders and not worry that they are called bigots or racists.

And it would force consistent treatment of immigrant classes. Why is it that liberals are so anxious to turn illegals who come over the southern borders into citizens, yet they demand that all Cubans who come here by boat, be sent back to the darling of the left, Castro? It’s the votes. They know that Cubans traditionally support Republicans because Republicans have supported their struggle to gain freedom from real tyranny . . . not economic hardship.

And why is it that when the unemployment numbers go down, all the left can do is smirk and say, “yeah, but it is just the low paying jobs that are being filled,” while insisting that we need illegals to fill the low paying jobs that no one wants. They love the low paying jobs when it suits their self-serving agenda. Aren’t they cute?

But what does the new love affair between the Democrats and illegal immigrants mean for the black community that has loyally supported the party, blindly accepting every piece of legislation or nutty candidate they field? They truly will become a disenfranchised minority because the Democrats will make sure their new found friends will now get all the goodies, and be tapped as the newest victim class to perfectly compliment their pandering positions.

Blacks could join the Republican party and actually become politically relevant for the first time in decades, but they don’t feel the warm fuzzies from the party. Heh black America . . .get over it. The Republican party was founded to free the slaves and give equal rights to all freed slaves, while the Democrats opposed their freedom at every turn. Take ownership of the party . . .it is yours. Don’t wait to be invited in . . . knock on the door and introduce yourself as a descendant of the people who inspired the very founding of the party.

The Democrats have targeted and identified their new victim class as their cause celeb and they don’t need the black community to give them that one or two point edge any more. Unless, of course, courageous Republicans, step up and take the right to vote for illegal aliens, off the table and become the skunk at the panderfest. But that takes courage . .. something we are not seeing these days, from our elected officials.