It is actually a blessing in disguise that conservatives and liberals are held to different standards.

Remember when Dan Crane a former Republican congressman cried at a press conference, asking forgiveness for a liaison with an over-zealous female intern, and Democrat Gary Studds refused to apologize for an affair with a male intern?

Well, Dan loses his race, and Gary gets re-elected. The integrity of Reagan, Quayle, Bush collectively was so great that the only attacks that could be leveled were personal and irrelevant.

Reagan was an actor, Quayle couldn’t spell, and Bush raised taxes. OK, I agree with that one… but at least he was never unfaithful to Barbara.

Then there was John Tower, Judge Bork and Justice Clarence Thomas. All men of impeccable character, but their conservative ideologies unleashed the wrath of the left.

So the lesson is quite obvious and one that will play itself out in every election as these contradictions become more apparent. If you want leadership that is held to an incredibly high moral standard… elect conservatives.

Is there anything that self-proclaimed liberals consider morally repugnant?

Where do they draw the line on what is right and wrong?

We see them spend so much time fighting for the rights of pornographers, drug addicts, same-sex marriage, abortion clinics, sex education in elementary school . . . and, well, the list is endless.

But as radical as they are in supporting the rights of every single special interest group, they just can’t seem to muster that same open-mindedness for Christians.

Take for example the town in Arizona that wants to have a Bible Week declared. You would have thought they were handing out pornographic videos to first-graders.

Ironically, liberals would think that is perfectly normal.

Every movement has an agenda, or purpose. But when one pretends to support free speech of any kind, while forbidding a segment of society to express their’s the agenda becomes transparent.

I wonder how they would handle a gay-pride day with mass repentance while invoking the name of Jesus in the town square? Don’t you just love dilemmas?

Many people look at political gridlock as a bad thing. They are actually upset that congress is not up there passing more laws and working together like one big happy family.

But tell me, why do we need more laws? We barely understand a fraction of the laws we are bound to as it is. The fact that we have two major political parties that are different ideologically is actually quite healthy.

If you know that one party believes in big government, higher taxes and larger beauracracy, then you search out candidates in that party and vote for them. Or, if you believe that more power should vest in the individual, that taxes should be much lower and the government is already too big, then you should support the party and candidates that feel that way.

We all ensure gridlock every time we go to the polls and we should hope and pray that it is always a problem.

Because when it ceases to be, then you no longer have a democratic republic, you have tyranny. Don’t be fooled by cheap rhetoric.

Democracy ensures gridlock, and gridlock protects the republic.

In the sixties it was chic to question authority, and challenge the establishment.

Now these same revolutionaries are the establishment.

They have entrenched themselves and their philosophies into every aspect of our culture and society.

They have created an establishment that reflects not only their irresponsibility but they have challenged every moral and religious principle that this country was founded on.

They have even tried to revise history to distort the significance of the Puritans and Pilgrims, being dedicated to the spreading of the Gospel, by creating a covenant with God in the founding of America.

Ironically, even the Pilgrims challenged authority and set up God’s word as the basis of law in America.

So perhaps it is the duty of every generation to challenge the establishment and question authority.

Unfortunately, we are finding today that those doing so, are called part of a vast right wing conspiracy.

But remember, those in power today were part of a vast left wing conspiracy in the 60’s and that didn’t stop them.

This is Nina May and the Renaissance Women challenging you to leadership.